13/12/2019 - 21:24

Whitaker y Williams, British power en Casas Novas

Great Britain won in style and power in class this afternoon at the Casas Novas indoor arena, with a double podium for Robert Whitaker and Guy Williams in the NH Collection Trophy, the first highest-class test of the CSI5*-W A Coruña. First Williams and then Whitaker, along with his newly incorporated Dekato, snatched the Frenchman Olivier Robert a victory that no one had threatened for a long time. Only 47 hundredths of a second separated their names: 58.69 for the winner, Whitaker, and 59.18 for Williams, second place.
Keeping in mind that, as if it was destined, Robert Whitaker was Thursday's pleasant last-minute surprise at the inscriptions. This afternoon, he was the last one on the track who made it clear that his visit to La Coruña was not a coincidence. His attitude was, from the first moment, that of a winner: risky and ambitous. His horse Dekato lead him with precise and accurate movements, opening a direct path to the podium.
It is also true that Robert had no choice but to try and win, if he wanted to overcome his colleague Guy Williams who, three competitions before, had first settled to run with Rouge de Ravel, however decided on Cupido in this round.
However, the first of the participants to place the clock under the minute was Olivier Robert, with Eros (59.27 seconds). At that time there were still 21 entries in the start list, although as obstacles fell it seemed that no one would impose on the Frenchman. It seemed, until Britain took the  command.
Thanks to them, the public from Coruña could enjoy an afternoon of the highest level of competition, with the added value of these competitions that were resolved by tenths of a second, and at the last moment.
As for the Spanish participation, Iván Serrano managed to get in between the prizes, by qualifying twelfth with 0 points and a time of 72.73 seconds, riding Ariana Dream. Nor were missing, among the top positions, names that have given great afternoons to the equestrian center of Arteixo, such as Leopold Van Asten or Edwina Tops-Alexander.