11/12/2016 - 20:22

The Colombian Carlos López wins the seventh leg of the Longines World Cup in Casas Novas

A Coruña celebrated for the first time a stage of the Longines World Cup and that was noticed in the level of technique of the test and in the expectation created between the Galician supporters of the equestrian.
The difficulty of the course, designed by Santiago Varela, with 14 obstacles and 17 efforts was maximum with only six riders and one horsewoman qualified for the jump off of the 40 that concurred in the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping CaixaBank Trophy.
Brilliant riders like Denis Lynch, Leopold van Asten, Julien Epaillard, Aldrick Cheronnet, Alberto Zorzi, or Billy Twomey, winner of the Saturday Longines Grand Prix, did not get a place for the jump off because they were penalized by time or demolitions.
The riders who did qualify were the Spanish Gerardo Menéndez Mieres and Sergio Álvarez Moya; the Colombian Carlos López; the Swedish Henrik Von Eckermann; the Dutchman Maikel van der Vleuten; the German Ludger Beerbaum and the Swiss horsewoman Jane Richard Philips.
The jump off began with the Colombian Carlos López and Admara 2, who made a quick test of 37.84 seconds, and finally, they were the only binomial that fell from 38 seconds.
The other riders knew that they had to risk and make an almost perfect test to overcome the Colombian, which resulted in the demolitions of Menéndez Mieres, Álvarez Moya and Maikel van Der Vleuten.
For her side, the Swiss Jane Richard Philips fought until the last moment to approach López and finally stopping the clock at 38.21 seconds with Pablo de Virton. The horsewoman wanted to thank at the end of the test the performance of her equine that "jumped impressively".
The third place went to German Ludger Beerbaum riding Casello, who stayed in 38.58 seconds. The rider congratulated later on the suitability of holding two stages of the World Cup with such closeness for the comfort of his stable and team.
Henrik Von Eckermann, who also completed a clean course, finished with a time of 39.41 seconds.
The winner, Carlos Lopez, was so emocional and was fused in a hug with his brother René López when his victory was confirmed. Both know what winning is in this contest. The Colombian declared at the end of the test that he had been "working hard for ten months" with Admara 2 and although his great speed, had tried to "control and not go crazy" in the jump off. Lopez explained that it had been "a lucky day" and that Spain "is a country where i get good results," in reference to his latest results.