11/12/2016 - 16:16

Spanish podium in the Tyco Grand Prix, big test of the CSI 2 * of A Coruña

With the stands of Casas Novas already full, the last test of the CSI 2 *, the Tyco  Grand Prix has begun. The big one honored its name and offered a great competition, with a jump off between 7 riders, five of them Spanish.
The Spanish streak continued with another victory in the CSI 2 *, with the applauded triumph of the rider Luis Fernández Gil Fournier, who left first in the jump off and stopped the chrono at 36.85 seconds with Espinosa, a time that earned him the win of the test.
By his side, Kevin González de Zárate Fernández made a time of 37.86 seconds with Urbain Des Grezils and, although he led the jump off for a long time, he was finally second.
The horsewoman Teresa Blázquez - Abascal was third on the back of Carola with 38.14 seconds. The Spanish has already won one of the tests of the last edition in winter.
The final test of the competition will be the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping CaixaBank Trophy at 5 pm, in which the Galician audience can enjoy the seventh stage of the World Cup of the modality.