09/12/2019 - 18:23

Santi Serra, the horse whisperer, visits A Coruña

The proclaimed Catalan horse tamer who won the successful TV show “Tú si que vales” in 2015, who has become a renowned celebrity in the world of entertainment will be performing this weekend.
Together with his animals, he has practically travelled all over the world, leaving the thousands of spectators witnessing incredible stunts that he has trained his horses to perform in absolute freedom.
Next Friday, on December 13th, Santi Serra will arrive in A Coruña to shake up the XXXIX International Jumping Competition of Coruña, which is held annually at Casas Nova’s Equestrian Center. However, this time, he will bring to us a “Salvaje” show that can be enjoyed from 10:45 p.m. directly after the Massimo Dutti show jumping Trophy.
The technique used by the Catalan, which he calls “Sercam training”, consists of using short exercises, which take into consideration the mood and personality of the animal, in order to “play a game between animals and humans based on fun and freedom, without whips or reins”, he says.
Santi makes his horses dance, jump, and perform the most spectacular stunts in total freedom. What´s his secret? Trust, staying calm, and the use of his voice. Of course, the Catalan recognizes that training is hard which is why he treats his animals as elite athletes.
Santi was born in 1988 in Manlleu, into a family that is passionate about horses, and since his childhood he had a very close bond with them. He started working as a rodeo entertainer at only 14 years of age, and little by little, he was combining with his career as a trainer of racing, jumping and endurance horses.
After much studying, observing and analyzing of the behavior of his horses, by 2007, without even realizing, he managed to create the first show of a what has now become a successful international career.
Today, it’s a privilege to see the relationship Santi has with his horses and be able to enjoy the magical atmosphere that he creates in each and every one of his shows.
Tickets to enjoy at the Coruña International Jumping Competition, where the best show jumpers in the world will compete, are free and will be available from Monday, December 9 at the tourist office of Arteixo, the kiosk of the Plaza de Ourense and the Casas Novas Equestrian Center.