29/07/2017 - 14:24

Portuguese anthem in the Lexus Trophy

The team formed by Luis Sabino Gonçalves and Teck de Riverland took the Lexus Trophy, first test of the day in Casas Novas. The Portuguese rider made a perfect course in a time of 53.98 seconds, and no one was able to take him down from the first position. Not even the incredible Aldrick Cheronnet who, even though, was back on the podium. Gonçalves adds the first Portuguese victory in this edition of CSI4* A Coruña.

Cheronnet confirmed his excellent moment with a second place. The Frenchman has been able be at the top of the leaderboard in the four events that have been disputed at Casas Novas so far, being champion yesterday at the Dachser Trophy. Cheronnet came out last riding Ciska Van Paemel Z and stopped the clock at 56.34 seconds, taking the second place from Valentine Belooussoff who endend up third with Bokidoki von Kranenburg, in a time of 56,41 seconds.

The Spanish representatives stayed on the podium doorstep, with the fourth place for Gonzalo Busca Roca and Violane Des Loges, and the fifth for Imma Roquet Autonell and Ilanta del Maset.
It is necessary to emphasize both performances of the young local rider Diego Ramos Maneiro: two courses without fault, the last of which placed him among the top ten classified. The 15-year-old Galician finished in a time of 62.56 seconds riding Texas de Trebompe, beating his previous time of 65.03 seconds.

The Lexus Trophy inaugurated the second day of the CSI4 * A Coruña, which will be followed by the Massimo Dutti Trophy at 14:30 and the Longines Trophy at 17:30.