14/07/2022 - 09:54

Popular Names in Horse Riding Meet Once More at Casas Novas

The Philippaerts, Van der Vleuten y Whitaker, three of the most reknown surnames in horse riding will meet next weekend in the A Coruña arenas
Anyone who is a regular to the International Show-Jumping Competition, held at the Casas Novas equestrian centre  of A Coruña, has seen riders of the Philippaerts, Van der Vleuten or Whitaker families compete at some time or another. Not that long ago, in the last winter edition, we had the opportunity to see both the Philippaerts and the Van der Vleuten families almost in their entirety; and this edition won’t come short either, as we will be able to see members of these three families fight for the trophies at the Show-Jumping Competition of A Coruña.
As for the Philippaerts, this time we will have the opportunity to see in Casas Novas Olivier and Nicola, twins born in 1993. They both have a great experience in international competition. Nicola is the winner of the European Young Riders' Championship, has competed in two Olympic Games, one World Championship, two European Championships and three World Cup Finals, and has just finished second in the famous CHIO in Aachen last week.
The Dutch Van der Vleuten family will also be at Casas Novas. The patriarch, Eric, holds 8 World Championships and 8 World Cup Finals to his name, as well as numerous first-class prizes. Eric will be returning to Casas Novas. Like in the winter edition, he will be accompanied by his sons, Maikel and Eric Jr.
Maikel van der Vleuten has become a permanent member of the Dutch national team. Last season he won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with "Beauville Z", the horse with which he won the 2019 Casas Novas World Cup grand prize. Tokyo was his third Olympic Games, having also participated in four European Championships, one World Championship and five editions of the World Cup Final. Eric Jr. will also be at Casas Novas, although this young jockey is focused on training young horses and marketing them than on top-level competition.
As for the Whitakers, there is no denying that they are one of the most popular and re-known sagas in horse riding. This great British family has Donald and Enid Whitaker as great father figures, and their sons, John, Michael, and Steven, and all their grandchildren, who have continued the family legacy. At Casas Novas we will be able to see Michael's son, Jack, and Steven's son, Joe, in action. Both are currently leading British riders and have major inter-national victories under their name.
Invitations to attend the Competition in A Coruña are limited and can be downloaded from the event's website (www.csicasasnovas.com), also being broadcasted on ClipMyHorse.TV and the official website.