10/12/2019 - 19:44

My horse is a machine!

The rider from Vigo, Jacobo Fontán was the proclaimed winner of the Prosegur Grand Prix last summer in front of the watchful eye of a whole Galician crowd. It was the second time that the Galician achieved an international cup in his own land. This weekend, the 39-year-old, manager and partner of Lanzal, will repeat his participation in the thirty-ninth edition of the CSI Coruña with the desire to repeat the victory. Here, we find out a little bit more from this passionate businessman who spent a lifetime on the back of a horse.

Jacobo, you can’t dedicate all your time professionally to the world of horses. How do you manage to combine both your position as a director and partner of a company yet have the time to ride?
The truth is that I do not have all the time that I would like to dedicate to the horses, but I enjoy every moment with them when I can. I also have friends who are involved in the equine world and they help me out a lot with the logistics such as Rafa Tapias, who takes care of everything in Vigo, who helps me with training and keeps the horses well worked, or Jesús Bamonde, who, whenever I come to this Show, takes care of me like a king. And of course, my wife who accompanies me to everything. 

A few months ago you raised an entire crowd with a spectacular tiebreaker that got you the victory of the CSI2 Grand Prix * What did it feel like in such a moment?
There are not many occasions when you win something of this level and much less at home. Many years ago, I won a big competition at the Vigo International Jumping Competition and I have such fond memories, but this time many things came together. It was in Galicia, in a scenario where I have little to say, in a very quick tie-break and, above all, the last one where in such a way that I was aware that I had immediately won. The time favored a lot because the stands were full and, being Galician, people squeezed in. It was a pass. The best experience I remember in a competition.

Tell us something about your brave and fast horse
My horse is a machine. It's a horse that I bought on the recommendation of Joao Mota last year. He was jumping small competitions until he was 8 years old that Matos Almeida started riding in for a few months before starting with me. The Prosegur Grand Prix that I won, was the first test of 1.45m he did in his life, and see now! He is very smart and has a lot of heart, he always gives everything and that is worth a lot. He is a perfect horse for someone not professional like me.
Do you see yourself having a chance in winning this thirty-ninth edition of the CSI Coruña?
It really is very difficult. I have done just a few competitions, and have a slight lack of training. The level is very good, and we are many. But well, surely in the summer I would have answered the same ...

What does it mean for a Galician to have a World Cup venue in his homeland?
Well, what do you want me to tell you! Think about how many contests of this level there are in Spain ... it's impressive and it's been 20 years now. Casas Novas is the best facility there is, its owners and Oxer, the organizing company, do it very well and we really enjoyed it.

Do you think there is a passion for horse riding in Galicia?
A lot. Galicia's relationship with the countryside and horses has always existed and, moreover, has been connected to the first level for many years. This contest, the World Cup in Vigo ... is all that hooks people. The Casas Novas Trophy also helps a lot, where young people are given the opportunity to jump on this track. 

What exactly does this man from Vigo do as his profession?
What am I supposed to do when I'm from Vigo! I am a member of Lanzal, a company dedicated to fishing and marketing of seafood products, and that is where I work.

Let's do a bet, who do you think will take the World Cup Grand Prix on Sunday?
I would love that some of the Spanish riders win and it is a possibility. Sergio, for example, is very good and so is Eduardo, after the season he has had... from the foreigners I would make the classic choice, I would say Laura Renwick. She’s a beast!