15/12/2019 - 22:18

Maikel Van der Vleuten shines once more in La Coruña, winning the Longines FEI World Cup

There are those who struggle for years to become a legend, and then there is Maikel, from the Van der Vleuten family, which is on its way. At 31, the Dutchman is one of those who stands out in the winners list of the CSI Casas Novas. This afternoon has increased its legend by winning the Longines FEI World Cup Grand Prix, seventh leg of the 14 of which is the Western European League, on the way to Las Vegas. Also joining him on the podium of this event, named the CaixaBank Trophy, was Emanuele Gaudiano, which closes a fabulous contest with this second place plus the victory in the Prosegur Trophy this morning, and Pieter Clemens, who managed to put Belgium on the podium, which had Belgian competitors in the jump off.
Maikel Van der Vleuten received the World Cup from Marta Ortega, owner of Beauville Z, the 9-year-old horse that led him to victory which gave him the 5th place in the World Cup ranking, and he is determined to secure place in the final of April in La Vegas. During the competition, Clemens quickly managed stand out with his leading time, just below 38 seconds, even better than the 38.45 of his compatriot Zoe Conter and stopping the clock at 37.72 riding Quintini. But you cannot sing your victory when there are 7 participants remaining, and less when there is a Van der Vleuten among them. Maikel whizzed over the obstacles with Beauville Z and was determined that he could manage an even shorter time, being careful not to touch an obstacle: 36.94 seconds for the Dutchman, who came out the seventh of the 13 and who no one could beat from the victory. Of course, many tried. Among them, Gaudiano, who had a great day today. The Italian was excelling in winning the Prosegur Trophy, with an audience excited for him in each jump. Finally, he managed the jump off in 37.66 seconds, relegating Clemens to third place in the table.
Those who secured the top ten positions were Zoe Conter (Belgium), Marc Houtzager (Netherlands), Philipp Weishaupt (Germany), Denis Lynch (Ireland), François Mathy Jr. (Belgium) and Michael G Duffy (Ireland) without fail, and Jessica Springsteen (United States), with 4 points.
The brand-new winner has praised Beauville Z: “It's better than I expected a year ago. I have the feeling that he will be my best horse, ”he said. "Now he is gaining experience at this level, while we are getting together and improving together. He is only 9 years old" This year, Beauville has led Maikel to victory in many  major international Grand Prix.
Finally, Van der Vleuten thanked the Ortega family for the support and the organizing company of this show: "Everyone likes to come every year, because the facilities are amazing".
Undoubtedly one of the warmest applauses of the stands was taken by the Spanish riders. The best ranked was Manuel Fernández Saro, since Eduardo Álvarez Aznar, was unlucky in the jump off.
The first round consisted of a full round of difficulty, only suitable for those who had an extra amount of skill and experience, those who were confident in the saddle and had a little bit of luck on their side. In total, 13 riders went to the jump off. Manuel Fernández Saro was quick to guarantee a place in the jump off for Spain, with Carthano, a horse has been riding since August and then Eduardo Álvarez Aznar also succeeded, riding Rokfeller de Pleville Bois Margot. For its part, Belgium had 3 options to qualify for the podium, after finishing the first round was Zoe Conter, François Mathy Jr and Pieter Clemens. Ireland qualified with Michael G Duffy and Denis Lynch, winner of the Longines Grand Prix on Saturday, while Holland had two possibilities, Maikel Van der Vleuten and Marc Houtzager. Gaudiano did not fail for Italy, Weishaupt for Germany, Jessica Springsteen for the United States and Olivier Robert for France
Despite being the most ambitious, this was not the only big event with the world-class equestrianism in Casas Novas. In the morning, the Prosegur Trophy was launched, in which Italy won the first victory in the Coruña event, thanks again to Emanuele Gaudiano and Kingston van het Eikenhof. His time was 64.83 seconds, definitely worth the pass at 31,350 euros of the prize. Behind him, Guy Williams and Laura Renwick joined him in the spot light, to the English successes stories of this weekend.
Apart from the Longines FEI World Cup Grand Prix, if there is a country that has made its way through this CSI5 * it is Great Britain. Five podiums have added the British representation, although four of them were distributed, in pairs, Robert Whitaker and Guy Williams. Whitaker, the last-minute surprise who enrolled in the event, won the first high-class event on Friday, the NH Collection Trophy, with Dekato, and was second on Saturday in the Longines Trophy with Catwalk IV. For his part, Guy Williams signed two second places, in the NH Collection on Friday and today in the Prosegur Trophy, both times riding Rouge de Ravel. They were joined this afternoon by the third place which was achieved by Laura Renwick, with Top Dollar in the Prosegur Trophy.
The Sensormatic Grand Prix, the top challenge of the CSI2 * that was held this weekend in parallel to the 5 * traveled to Finland, thanks to the good work of Noora Forsten riding Con Caya. The prize was resolved at the last moment, since the Nordic show jumper was the fourteenth to leave the 14 teams qualified for the tiebreaker. After her and her 34.35 seconds of clock, second place for the Spanish Armando Trapote with 34.81 and third for the Aragonese Ainhoa ​​Manero, who made 36.91 seconds. They were the only three who finished without penalty.
Pablo Valle Espinedo raised the Lallier Trophy of the CSI2 *, with Tresor de Varende. A test in which Alejandro Álvarez Gutiérrez ratified his great moment to achieve his third podium this weekend, this time with Little Chap S. Ignacio Rico of Santiago was third with Voyelle du Lesme.
In this way, Valle leaves Casas Novas with two wins, since on Saturday he raised the Marqués de Riscal Trophy. We must also underline the great achievements of Alejandro Álvarez Gutiérrez, who took the podium three times in the 2 *, the last one this morning at the Lallier Trophy, with Little Chap S. With Califa Sa he won the Lexus Trophy and He was second in the Inaugural.
Others who repeated the podium as they passed through La Coruña were Leo Medal, winner of the Inaugural Trophy and second in the Lexus with Eyre de Saro, and Álex Codina, who besides being second in the Marqués de Riscal Trophy with Cruising Star. This afternoon he managed to qualify for the jump off of the Sensormatic Grand Prix with Costello DC, the Spanish horse with whom he has only been working with for a month.
With the closing of this edition, Casas Novas has completed a new success in its 20 years of existence. The equestrian venue has once again welcomed thousands of people from Friday until today, after running out of invitations in a record time of two hours. In the summer of 2020, the A Coruña International Jumping Contest will hold its 40th edition, and will do it in the best possible way, once again welcoming the best representatives of this sport worldwide.b